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candy_fiends's Journal

Grotesque Dollies
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X.♥ Get so fat on it, it's a tragedy ♥.X

the mod:

This community is for boys & girls.
And it's not just about the way you look.

Remember; this is a rating community, expect nasty words & don't be offended, it's all in the name of fun.

please read the rules
Don't be rude to members
Post explict, triggering or sexual images under the cut
All posts containing pictures go under the cut, you'll get a warning to edit the post, if you don't it will be deleted
Please post your application under a cut with the title 'drown me' to prove you've read the rules, if you don't you'll be asked to read the rules and change the title, if you fail to do that you'll be rejected
Post your applictaion within 48 hours of joining, don't be a lurker.
If you do not finish the application you will be asked to complete it, on failing to do that you will be rejected.
Don't act like a dickhead.

(click here for info on lj-cut, linking pictures etc.)


Please post soon after you've been accepted.. .don't be a lurker.
Post pictures of yourself/possesions etc, poetry & stories, gig & band info.
You may whore your community but only if it has some relevance to this one.
Thanx ♥

Accepted List

Rejects List

Check 'em out

Last edited: 4/8/05