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Spring cleaning!
I am going to go through the members list.. I will remove anybody from the community who is not on the list. So if you have joined and not posted an application, you better get to it!
This community is so dead lately, any ideas on how to liven things up? We should start a theme...
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Hello. I am leaving the community. I'm never really online anymore and so don't have enough time to really be in one of those, and check in to see whats going on. It way fun though, bye. <3
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(Alright, I'm not sure whether I'm official, so mods feel free to delete this post if deemed inappropriate.)

This community's rather quiet, so I thought I'd throw a discussion topic out there:

What do you think of the Solomon Amendment?

yes, you'd have to look it up on the internet. But there's plenty of education out there. and the people around here do seem to have a penchant for controversial discussion, so I thought it might be interesting.