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♥ Name: Pippet
♥ Age: 16
♥ Sex: The monthly bleeder
♥ Location: Australia
♥ Describe yourself in 3 words: Opinionated, loud and responsible.

Opinions & Beliefs

♥ Vivisection: Is something I am against when it regards cosmetics and beauty. If its the only way people can work out things medically then I'm not as against it but I personally think animals shouldnt be used as studdies.
♥ Abortion: No one has the authority to take anothers life. It doesnt matter if you can afford to give the child a good up bringing or not, your actions came with conseqences you have to pay for. [If this regards rape though, my opinion is a little more leneant]
♥ Euthanasia: If the person agrees and is willing I guess so. This is more of a heart matter. People usually know if its for the good or the bad.
♥ Drug Abuse: I've seen alot of it. I've seen the results because of it. It is something I am 100% against. You dont need a drug to make you happy or keep you sane. Your better off without them.
♥ Bush & Blair: being Australian I have no real opinion on them as they dont directly affect me, yet if some people want to explain to me, their view I might come to a conclusion on something.


♥ Top 5 bands/artists: The Ramones, Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Weezer & Orange
♥ Top 5 books: Every man, To Kill A Mocking Bird, The Marilyn Scandal, Middle Of Nowhere, The House of Usher
♥ Top 5 movies: I personally dont have 5 to be honest with you
♥ Colour: fig green
♥ Food & drink: french fries and raspberry smoothies

The rest

♥ Promote Candy_Fiends somewhere & give us the link: my profile, my myspace and a friends forum, [i'll get the links to you once I promote if thats okay.
♥ How did you find us? Random search
♥ 3-6 pictures of you: (please not too big or we get bored waiting for them to load)
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