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♥ Name: Heather
♥ Age: 17
♥ Sex: female
♥ Location: michigan
♥ Describe yourself in 3 words: obsessive, calm, opinionated

Opinions & Beliefs

♥ Vivisection: I think that sometimes its necessary, like when its for medical purposes, and its the absolute only way to do it, but for cosmetics, or when we can use the other ways to figure it out, then i think its wrong.
♥ Abortion: im pro-choice. i believe a woman should be able to decide whats best for her body, and its no one elses business, except the people directly involved.
♥ Euthanasia: Im undecided on this one. In some cases, i think it would be for the best, to end someones suffering, if thats what they want, but at the same time, if the person cant make the decision themselves, who has the right to do it for them?
♥ Drug Abuse: Im totally against drug abuse. I think drugs are stupid, and although i did them at one point in time, i think it was a stupid decision.
♥ Bush & Blair: I dont really know much about Blair, since i dont follow politics that closely, but i dislike Bush. I think hes making some bad decisions with the War on Iraq, and i think the fact that hes keeping same sex marriage illegal, and trying to outlaw abortions, is ridiculous.


♥ Top 5 bands/artists: Flogging Molly, Horrorpops, Apartment 26, She wants revenge, Atreyu
♥ Top 5 books: The da vinci code, flowers in the attic, how to make love like a pornstar: a cautionary tale, luna, and i cant think of the last one.
♥ Top 5 movies: cruel intentions, house of 1000 corpses, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, A clockwork orange, better than chocolate
♥ Colour: neon pink or neon green
♥ Food & drink: mashed potatoes and sprite

The rest

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♥ How did you find us? looking for make up communities
♥ 3-6 pictures of you: (please not too big or we get bored waiting for them to load)

 showing my irish pride


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