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♥ Name: Laura
♥ Age: 17
♥ Sex: Female
♥ Location: Cambridge, England
♥ Describe yourself in 3 words: Random, Sarcastic, Honest

Opinions & Beliefs

♥ Vivisection: i believe in this for medicinal but not cosmetic purposes.
♥ Abortion: This one is difficault because although i don't believe that i could ever have an abortion, i think that every person has the right to their own choice. Although i think the abortion date should be moved so that women cannot have an abortion as late as they can. And i think that the reasons for having an abortionm should be serious. But thats just my opinion.
♥ Euthanasia: i do believe in Euthanasia, if only because ive seen the pain a dying person can be in, and if they know that they will die, and want the pain to go, that is their decision.
♥ Drug Abuse: Im iffy on the subject of drugs, dont take something if you dont know whats in it is my view, so pills are right out. i dont have a problem with people smoking weed occasionally or anything. i just think that you should watch yourself.
♥ Bush & Blair: Assholes. :P Well, i can see how they try to do good, but so much in Government is kept secret, we dont know the true motives for war, its all a bit fishy.


♥ Top 5 bands/artists: Sonata Arctica, Hammerfall, Dragonforce, The cure, Pink floyd (old &metal :D)
♥ Top 5 books: Stolen and bitten (kelly armstrong). Killers cousin (cant remember author). the lovely bones, the magic cottage. -i tend to borrow books fromn friends and forget authors :P
♥ Top 5 movies: The crow, Ghost world, Breakfast club, American beuty, Labyrinth. (i love films)
♥ Colour: Green, dark green.
♥ Food & drink: Chinese food, mm.

The rest

♥ Promote Candy_Fiends somewhere & give us the link: (sorry im no good at the html little community/user thingys)
♥ How did you find us? Anni.
♥ 3-6 pictures of you:
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