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♥ Name: Megan
♥ Age: 15
♥ Sex: Femme
♥ Location: North Carolina
♥ Describe yourself in 3 words: Outspoken, Open-Minded, Truthfull.

Opinions & Beliefs

♥ Vivisection: I think that is such a heartless, cruel thing. How could anyone want to injur all these poor animals. I am very into animal rights. I belive that those people who can actually do those things have no heart at all.
♥ Abortion: Pro-Choice. I don't think any human has the right to tell another one what is right and wrong. Our whole system is set on moral belifs. And when you stop to think, would you rather have a kid shifted around from foster home to foster home, never knowing their parents, and being exposed to war and the tragedy that is surrounding our earth, rather than to be put out of misery and never existing.
♥ Euthanasia: This will probley sound heartless. But I belive that it is better to put someone out of their misery instead of having them sit there every second of everyday in pain. It isn't fair to prolong someones life if there is to be no good come out of it. Sitting in a dreary hospital for years is no way to live.
♥ Drug Abuse: I think almost everyone at some point (exspecially the teenage years) has expiramented. But when it is taken too far out of focus is where things start to get bad. I belive rehab is a good place for those kind of people. Personally I don't care what other people do I won't judge them, I just hate to see people abuse it. :-/
♥ Bush & Blair: I personally cannot stand anyone involved of the madness of politics, their desicions are strictly made to benefit themselves and no one else. They are egotistical and money hungry beasts.


♥ Top 5 bands/artists: Jack Off Jill, Scarling, Orgy, Switchblade Symphony, Otep
♥ Top 5 books: "In The Forests Of The Night" by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, "Dark Secrets:Legacy Of Lies" by Elizabeth Chandler, "1793" by Laurie Halse Anderson, "In My Hands" by Irene Opdyke, "A Mid-Summer Nights Dream" by William Shakespeare
♥ Top 5 movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show,  Ginger Snaps series, The Ring series, Darkness, Girl Interrupted
♥ Colour: Neon Green
♥ Food & drink: Sushi and Orange Juice

The rest

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