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♥ Name:Chloe
♥ Age:14
♥ Sex:femme.
♥ Location:new mexico
♥ Describe yourself in 3 words:Loud,Glamorous,hyper?

Opinions & Beliefs

♥ Vivisection:eck!, sorry I suck at this opinions thing, i usually have one question answers, not cause i'm lazy or anything but because i dont have much to say about it.
♥ Abortion:I think it should always be an option wheater the mother was raped and got pregnent or if the mother was being careles and got pregnent.
♥ Euthanasia:dont know what that is..
♥ Drug Abuse:Bad bad bad, my father died of a coke overdose. Shit fucks you up but if does not make you a bad person.
♥ Bush &


♥ Top 5 bands/artists:Meteors,batmobile,guana batz,mad sin,demented are go and jack off jill.Ahh,5 sorry.
♥ Top 5 books:clockwork orange,pet cemetery,alice in wonderland,girl interrupted..dont read too many books
♥ Colour:Aqua.
♥ Food & drink:Boba tea. Rice :)

The rest

♥ Promote Candy_Fiends somewhere & give us the link:_reptilequeen my info page.
♥ How did you find us? search.
♥ 3-6 pictures of you: (please not too big or we get bored waiting for them to load)
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I like you..I think youre adorable!!
So yes!

Suspended comment

I like your pics enough to overlook the fact that your application is lacking.
no i agree with what
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no i agree with what <lj-user="girlsonketamine"> said
damnit i suck at hmtl*ing* lol

I misread your app. at first and thought you were from Mexico the country, not New Mexico. Was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt up until then, with English not being your first language as I had (wrongly) asumed but as it is I agree with [Bad username: girlsonketamine&quot;] It's not good that someone actually thinks you could be foreign, your grasp on English is so poor.
Damn, I also appear to suck at html'ing!
+2 / -3