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drown me


Name: Ann
Age: 17
Sex: vag
Location: southern california
Describe yourself in 3 words: bizarre, dramatic, funny

Opinions & Beliefs

Vivisection: no no no no. this issue has been bothering me more and more over the past few years. See, I became vegetarian 2 years ago, and vegan about 4 months ago, and the exploitation of animals has been becoming a huge issue with me. I dont believe they are there for us to take advantage of. They're there to live. I'm not saying I have a problem with people who eat meat, to each her own, but I know that I want to take steps to reduce the suffering that these animals have to go through for our benefit. who said we have the right to torture poor creatures just to make sure something is ok for us? It's sad. :(
Abortion: i'm pro choice. It's not good to use as a form of birth control, but I think sometimes it just needs to happen. I'm careful, but I know if I got pregnant by accident there's just no way I could keep the baby. I'd feel terrible about it, but better to get rid of a couple cells than to give birth and have the child live an unfulfilled life because I was unable to give it everything it needed.
Euthanasia: I'm not sure about this one. I've never been in the situation but it seems to me that if I had a debilitating disease and was in pain I'd probably just want it to end. But having someone else do it for me is the difficult part. In reality it IS murder if you think about it, even if it was wanted. So I'm not sure. We just had to put my cat down and it was very sad, but I know that he was very sick and was hurting so it was probably best. He wasn't eating and was basically starving to death. We did the best thing. It was sad for me, but i know that he's not hurting anymore. I'd want people to do the same thing for me, I think.
Drug Abuse: I have no experience with this subject so I'm not sure what to think. It's really sad that so many people are lost to it, and sad that it's the "only option" for some people as well. Then again, if someone turns to drug abuse it pretty much is their own fault, sad as it is. I'm not saying they deserve to die because of it. No way. It's just that sometimes people can be kind of stupid and do things just because it's "cool."
Bush & Blair: I wish I had been old enough to vote. I can't believe we're having bush in office again. Blair was allright. Bush is NOT.


Top 5 bands/artists: Rasputina, Jack Off Jill, the Faint, Horrorpops, Le Tigre
Top 5 books: Angela's Ashes, Fight Club, Island of the Blue Dolphins (one of my favorites since I was little), She's Come Undone, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
Top 5 movies: Igby Goes Down, Ghost World, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kill Bill, Eternal Sunshine
Colour: black, green
Food & drink: mangos and ice water, black coffee, tea

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