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♥ Name: Sharon
♥ Age: 22
♥ Sex:F
♥ Location: NY
♥ Describe yourself in 3 words: hungry horny happy

Opinions & Beliefs

♥ Vivisection: no, no, NO! That's my initial reaction, my gut feeling to doing cruel things to cute and fuzzy animals. but then I have to stop and think about it... I don't know if we'd be so far along in medical science if it weren't for certain animal tests. I did some research... I found a page that was basically discrediting that any major scientific advancement came from animal experimentation. But they didn't really list a lot of sources... I'm not sure if I believe them. And I'm not a vegetarian. I eat meat and wear leather. I have to say, if I'm willing to kill animals to survive in my own life, isn't it kind of hypocritical of me to disapprove of it in the cause of helping the greater survival of humanity (of which I'm part of the species)?
I dunno. It's a tough call. I can personalize it, and say, gosh, if my mom was dying of liver cancer, and they could do a liver transplant from a... I don't know, pig, or something, I'd just as soon the pig die and my mom survive, obviously. I can intellectualize it, and say, survival of the fittest is a law of nature, and if we're the most fit to survive, then, it sucks to be another species.
I could spiritualize it, and say, all life is sacred, and that means killing is wrong, especially killing of the innocent.
But as you'll see on my opinions below, I tend to just be pragmatic and realistic about things, and that means understanding the places where death and life naturally intersect. I believe death has a place in life. It's a natural part of the order. I don't think someone can morally oppose vivisection and then go and support abortion and euthanasia. Which, as much as I grit my teeth in admitting, I do support.
I mean, who says what life is sacred? An unborn child isn't sacred, but a cute fluffy bunny is?
I think when you look at the natural order of things, you see that life consumes energy, and life IS energy, therefore, life consumes life. From the survival of an amoeba on a fungus, to a fungus on a tree, to the tree on the soil, to the humans living off the fruit of the tree, and then the soil eventually living off of our decaying body.... i mean, survival is the art of the efficient.
There isn't a concept of "waste" in nature as we know it.
Now, I will say that humans are a unique species in producing this concept of "waste", and I think the more we waste (animals for experiments, other natural resources in the course of our survival), the more we're out of balance from nature's plan, and the more likely we are to become extinct. So I think it comes down to- we should be careful what life we consume in the course of our own lives, and be good stewards of what we have, lest we consume ourselves into extinction.
I think anyone who has a knee-jerk reaction to vivisection should think about this... it's easy to say, eww, gross, how cruel! and well... maybe it is, gross and cruel. But are you a vegetarian? Are you pro-life? are you religious? are you an atheist or agnostic? does something having a face make it sacred? Do you believe one thing, and practice another? Do you consume life in the process of living your own life?
I think it's possible to have cognitive dissonance about this, to be of two minds about it. And that doesn't make you wishy-washy, it just means you have a brain AND a heart...

♥ Abortion: A necessary evil. I don't like the practice, but I believe every woman has the right to make her own choice with her own body. And I also believe there are times when the stupidity of society's shortcomings necessitates it. I won't go through the whole life-is-sacred argument here, I already preached at you enough, I think.
♥ Euthanasia: This is tough. I would have a very hard time pulling the plug on someone I loved, even if I knew it was what they wanted. But I just saw Million Dollar Baby and... I dunno. I mean, I think someone does have the sovereign right to choose when to end their life. I would exhaust my resources trying to improve the quality of their life first, but if the best we can do is still worse than death, how could we cruelly force the victim to endure it?
♥ Drug Abuse: Use and Abuse are two different things. Slightly against but permissive with the former, definitely against the latter. More inclined to approve of natural drugs like weed, than chemical shit that will fuck-you-up, like methamphetamines. I mean, shit, I do 3 legal drugs every day: Caffiene, nicotine, and alcohol. Okay, well, I don't actually do alcohol every day. I'm not a huge drinker.
♥ Bush & Blair: Ugh, and ugh.
Do I really have to elaborate here? Old men sending young men to die in their stead. $40 billion of taxpayer's money spent on a damn inaugural party while Americans starve in the streets. "Nookyuuluhhr".
Jesus F. Christ. The time I spent typing about them feels like a waste of the seconds of my life.

(these are all so hard! I'll just say what I'm feelin' at the moment)
♥ Top 5 bands/artists: The Smiths, The Cruxshadows, Fiona Apple, Concrete Blond, Rob D
♥ Top 5 books: The Phantom Tollbooth, Physics for Poets, The Elegant Universe, The Kushiel's Dart Series, The Chronicles of Narnia
♥ Top 5 movies: What the Bleep Do We Know, Fight Club, 5th Element, Amelie, Kill Bill (both vols.)
♥ Colour: Purple
♥ Food & drink: Chicken Enchiladas & Midori Sours (not together, necessarily)

The rest

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